A downloadable game for Windows

I like gud games do you? well then play dis game is gud

Install instructions

just get gud


GudGame.zip 11 MB

Development log


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This game is extremely addictive. The high quality rolling when you press the keys are extremely reactive to when I press it. No lag what so ever. The sky looks incredible with the nice smooth rolling. When you move the ball, the beautiful particle that reacts when you roll the ball is so smooth and so good looking! Dont even get me started on the flying, the flying is as easy as holding the space bar and it is so smooth! When you are flying in the air, you can almost feel the slight mist hitting your face while you close your eyes while holding that space bar. This game is just so inconceivable, and I dont even know what that word means! This game is such a great figure, great work has been put in to this. I thank you very much for this sir. Great experience.


you should kermit hannah baker ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ

Very good game dude. 1 question though, are you autistic? Also, will you be doing more updates to this game in the future?


Okay, thank you mr


I will be up to date with this page. so it better have a update.